Caring for the elderly and young adults in Essex, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

Audley Homecare – proud providers of high quality homecare, offering you or your loved ones Care without compromise. .

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Older person homecare

We are a local company, based in Saffron Walden, led by a management team with over 30 years’ experience of helping adults, both young and old, continue living as independently as they want to in their own home.

Audley Homecare provides high quality care and support to individuals who, without regular outside help, could no longer continue living in safety in their own home. We support two distinct groups of people:

Firstly, those who just require assistance to carry out one or more of the activities of daily living and secondly those people who, without full-time support, would need to make alternative living arrangements.

The company is led by a highly experienced management team whose shared vision is to deliver a homecare service of exceptional quality, summed up by the phrase “Care without compromise.”

Visiting Care and Live-in Care and our rigorous training programme incorporating our very own extended period of observed placement

Our care training programmeWe are not like other care providers, most of whom specialise in either visiting or live-in care. We offer both and all our new care staff, whether they are going to specialise in visiting or in live-in care, go through the same rigorous training programme. An important element of this is a period of observed placement, whereby every new member of staff is required to provide care for one or more of our existing clients under the direct supervision of a more experienced colleague (a process known as “shadowing”).


This system of observed placement is a vital step in helping us properly assess our new carers’ practical skills. It also enables us identify which of our existing clients any given new carer is likely to be most compatible with. By taking the time and trouble to assess the skills and personality of each new carer before deciding where to place them we are thus able to ensure that clients and carers are always well matched, which in turn ensures a high standard of care across the board.


The fact that we also provide live-in care is a source of great comfort to our visiting care clients. It means that, once they are ready to do so, we can arrange the transition to live-in care smoothly and seamlessly. And because we already know them so well, we are able to identify very quickly which of our team of live-in carers will suit them best. Hence, once again, because we offer both visiting and live-in care, we are able to offer our clients a better all-round service. Audley Homecare – providing the complete homecare service.

bulletVisiting Care

Our visiting care service covers Saffron Walden and the surrounding villages. Visiting care is designed for adults of all ages who require some part-time assistance to enable them to continue living safely and independently in their own home. Find out more Next

bulletLive-in Care

Our Live-in care service for Essex and the neighbouring counties is designed for adults of all ages who require full-time care and support to enable them to continue living safely and independently in their own home.

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Audley Homecare - Care without compromise

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