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Care Without Compromise.

The care option that will allow you to stay where you are and where you love to be – in your own home

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Our service will enable you to continue living independently within the comfort and privacy of your own home. Our professionally-trained and experienced staff are there to help you with everyday tasks and provide you with skilled and sensitive support and companionship. They will also assist you with any medication needs you may have and keep your home safe and secure.

Bespoke care for every client


The service we provide is different in each case and every one of our clients receives their own individual blend of support, a unique combination of day-to-day companionship, cooking and house-keeping, and personal care.

Watering the garden

We have no doubt that you will quickly come to see our service as a lifeline, because it will enable you to maintain your traditional lifestyle in the home you know and love, while giving you whatever support you might need to keep you safe and sound.

Ongoing live-in care companionship

Friends family and the local community


Many of our clients find that live-in care enables them to engage in a much more active social life than when they were living on their own. With someone on hand to keep their home clean and tidy and take care of the catering, they feel much more comfortable entertaining family and friends at home.

Receiving GuestsWith the support of their live-in carer, they will often feel safer and more confident about taking part in community life, whether they might want to go to church on a Sunday, or meet their friends in the pub for a celebration lunch.

Getting out and about

Special Occasions

Receiving Guestsbullet-faint

And with greater self-confidence and a more active lifestyle, you may decide that it’s high time you joined some of your old friends from the WI at their annual Christmas dinner in a local restaurant!

Morning Tea



CompanionshipThe most welcome aspect of live-in care is undoubtedly the daily stimulation it brings. Most new clients will have been living on their own for quite some time and may have started to retreat into themselves. After so long spent coping on their own, they are quick to appreciate the blessing of having someone there talk to and share confidences with every day and this daily companionship often blossoms into genuine friendship.


Getting out and about

For many people one of the greatest benefits of having a live-in carer to support them is that it gives them renewed confidence to get out and about. Out and aboutWhile many will be able and willing to walk to places close at hand, or make use of taxis, some of our clients specifically request a carer who drives and can take them on trips and excursions.

You may want to explore a neighbouring town and enjoy the flowers in the park, or visit a picturesque village in the area and take a stroll round the green, or perhaps visit a local beauty spot and enjoy a spot of tea and cake. Where you choose to go is not really important – what matters is that, with our support, you are able to get out and about and maintain your freedom and independence.

Special Occasions

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