Supporting Younger Adults

Supporting younger adults

As a parent you will always feel responsible for your children, even when they are grown up and living their own lives. Sometimes, though, owing to accident, illness or a long-term disability, you will need to provide a child with continuing support right into adulthood.

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We help younger adults with support needs to extend their boundaries, leaving their parents free to get on with the other things they need to do when they need to.

Bullet-pointOur support workers are carefully vetted and we look for people who are kind and caring, as well as having the right skills.
bullet pointWhether you’re looking for help for just a short period, regular support on certain days or full-time live-in support, we can provide you with exactly what you need

Your locally based company for live-in care for Essex, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Suffolk and Bedfordshire.

Supporting younger adultsYounger adults may have complex care needs and it may not always be possible for you to manage without outside help, especially if you have other younger children or work commitments.

This is where Audley Homecare can help: we can provide reliable and caring support to relieve parents of younger adults affected by a wide range of conditions. The support we provide is always tailored to the individual and we always aim to build on whatever support structures the family has already put it place. We can provide occasional or regular day-based support, or we can provide live-in support, whichever works best for you.

One thing that most young adults will want, regardless of their condition, is friendship and companionship. They will welcome the opportunity to spend some time with care staff who are not family members and who are also from the younger generation.

We take great care to provide younger adults with care staff who they will like and have something in common with and who are from a similar age bracket. Although every case is different and every individual has their own unique needs, the support services we provide fall under the following headings:

Daytime Support and Live-in Support

Depending on where the support is required we offer both a visiting and a live-in service.

bulletDaytime support

Our daytime support service is available in the Saffron Walden area. We can support people between the ages of 18 and 65 for periods as short as an hour whenever they need it, at the weekend as well as during the week. The help we provided can either be in the home, or it can involve helping the person to get out and about in their local community. We are flexible and the possibilities are almost endless.

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bulletLive-in support

Our live-in support service is available throughout Essex and in the neighbouring counties of Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. It is an alternative to full-time residential care and is designed to help people between the ages of 18 and 65 with ongoing care needs to continue living in their own home and lead an independent lifestyle. Not only is receiving support in their home the preferred option for most people, the cost is often no greater than for residential care and can be lower in certain parts of the country.

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