CQC report publication – Requires Improvement Rating

We have received the latest CQC report on Audley Homecare, published in 2017, and we are already acting on the findings to deliver the required improvements.

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We note also however that there were also a number of strong positives in the CQC’s findings, notably that:

  • The service was caring.
  • People were generally positive about the care they received. Staff supported people in a manner that was kind and supportive of their privacy and dignity.
  • People had been consulted and staff guided in how best to support people in promoting their dignity and independence.

What the CQC said was wrong and the immediate action we have taken

We were only asking new recruits to provide details of their last 10 years’ employment history, instead of since leaving full-time education.

Action taken: All members of staff affected have been asked to provide their full employment history since leaving full-time education.

Some of our care plans did not provide sufficient detail of the care to be provided and some others were overdue for review.

Action taken: all care plans are now being updated with as much detail as possible and no plans are overdue.

Not every staff file contained two valid references.

Action taken: Outstanding references are being chased and all staff members need to provide two valid references.

Whilst we had sent all our clients a Satisfaction Survey in February, 2017 and analysed  the results, we had not shared the results with our clients or advised them what improvements we were planning to make as a result of their feedback.

Action taken

We have now sent all our clients the results of our 2017 Client Satisfaction Survey with indications of the improvements we have made as a result of their feedback.

Other Action Taken above and beyond what was requested by CQC

Following the dismissal of the previous Registered Manager, we have appointed a new Manager, who is awaiting approval by the CQC.

Our new Manager has put in place a completely new management team, including a new Deputy Manager, a new care Coordinator and a new Recruitment and Compliance Officer.

Access to the full CQC Report

Please follow this CQC Widget to see the full report.

We take our care seriously and we have many happy clients and happy families:

The care staff always make time for a chat with me and I feel I have made new friends.

Mrs G, client in Saffron Walden, Essex

Audley Homecare have provided an excellent, reliable and friendly service and have greatly assisted my recovery.

Mr M, client in Sewards End, Essex

The staff who look after me always take the time to listen and are always kind and patient with me. I feel safe and well looked after by Audley Homecare.

Mrs H, client in Newport, Essex

I have complete confidence in the care staff who look after me. They are well trained and extremely competent in everything they do.

Mr P, client in Debden, Essex

When we were let down by another care agency, Audley Homecare stepped in immediately. They provide a very reliable care service.

Mr K, client in Saffron Walden, Essex

Amanda, Care Manager

Care Manager Amanda Mudie

We are delighted to appoint our new Care Manager Amanda Mudie

Finding the right person for important roles isn’t always easy but in appointing Amanda as our new Care Manager we’re confident we’ve done exactly that.

I’m really excited about starting the Care Manager role at Audley Homecare. Their commitment to providing high quality care matches my own commitment and I am looking forward to working with our team.

bulletLive-in Care

Our Live-in care service for Essex and the neighbouring counties is designed for adults of all ages who require full-time care and support to enable them to continue living safely and independently in their own home.

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