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Helping families spend quality time together

Here at Audley Homecare we very much welcome the continuing involvement of family and friends in the care of their loved one.

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As long as it accords with our clients’ wishes, we will always encourage them to involve their next of kin in the planning of their care.

bullet-longOur long experience shows us that the elderly are generally far happier when they can see we we are working in close and harmonious partnership with their immediate family.

By allowing us to manage the day-to-day care, they are able to assume once again their more familiar role of devoted son or daughter and spend quality time with their loved one.

Providing continuing reassurance for your loved one and peace of mind for yourself.

Letter extractSupport for the elderly

Two common emotions running through the many letters of thanks we receive from the sons and daughters of the people we provide care for are relief and gratitude.

You may be reading this page because you have started to consider the different care options available to your loved one. You are probably feeling very uncertain and probably a bit anxious. Don’t worry: anyone who has ever arranged care for a loved one will have had similar feelings to the ones you are probably experiencing now.

Long before a family member approaches us about arranging care for their loved one, they will almost certainly have been trying to cope on their own for a period. They will have been trying to juggle things so that had time to pop round to see their loved one when needed during the week, or, if they live further away, they will have been driving over to see them every weekend.

People only tend to contact us to enquire about our homecare services at the moment they realise that the task of caring for their loved one is becoming too demanding for them, either because they find there simply aren’t enough hours in the day, or because they are no longer comfortable with the role.

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Support for younger adults

Many younger adults affected by accident, illness or a life-long disability are cared for by their parents at home. Whilst their parents will probably want provide whatever care is needed in the morning and the evening, they may not be in a position to able to spend the whole day with their loved one. In addition, younger adults need to be given opportunities to assert their independence and build a life for themselves, if possible beyond the home. They may want to attend college or take part in recreational activities and they will almost certainly want to get out and socialise.

Trusting your loved one to our safe and friendly care

This is where Audley Homecare can help. We will provide you with one of our friendly and professional support workers to enable your grown up son or daughter to take part in community life and enjoy a measure of independence. We will work with you and your loved one to make sure they receive exactly the support they require at those times when you are not available.

You can then breathe easily, safe in the knowledge that when you are tied up with other commitments, you can rely one of our expertly trained support staff to stand in for you will and provide your loved one with expert assistance at those times when you cannot be there for them.

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If you would like more information on our homecare services for younger adults, please contact us to speak to someone in confidence or request a brochure.

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How we make sure you always feel in control of the care your loved one receives:

Both visiting care and live-in care

  • When planning care for a new client, we will always involve their family in the decision-making process
  • Once the care starts, our care staff will make sure the family feel part of the team and involve them in their loved one’s care as much as they wish
  • Our care staff will always be respectful towards anyone else living in the client’s house and towards all visitors.
  • Both our management team and our front-line care staff will always try and establish a good working relationship with any other care professionals involved in a client’s care (GPs, District Nurses etc)

bulletLive-in care

  • We always emphasise to our live-in care staff that they are guests in their client’s house and should never make them feel as though they are trying to take over their house
  • Our care staff will always leave the room and make themselves invisible when family members visit, so they can enjoy their time together in complete privacy.

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bulletVisiting care

  • Although time is more limited in visiting care, our care staff will always try and find the time to get to know the client’s family and friends
  • If they have time at the end of their round, they will spend a bit more time with their last client and perhaps sit and have a cup of tea with them.

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