Cambridgeshire Live-in Care with Audley Homecare

We are family owned live-in care specialists based in Cambridgeshire and Essex. We provide people with the support they need to remain in the comfort and safety in their own home and continue enjoying the lifestyle they choose.

1Safe pair of hands

Unlike many other companies offering live-in care, we are not an introductory care agency. We have full time, trained carers and are strictly regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

2Experience counts

Based on many years of providing live-in care, we have tried and trusted ways to find the perfect carer for your loved ones requirements ensuring happy, contented and safe continued living in the family home.

3Unrivalled process

We completely understand the potential problems with suggesting care for a loved one and we strive to make the process as stress-free and supportive as possible.


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Did you know?

Contrary to popular belief the cost of live-in care in the home is comparable to nursing home care.

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Audley Homecare have provided an excellent, reliable and friendly service and have greatly assisted my recovery.
Mr M, client in Sewards End, Essex
The care staff always make time for a chat with me and I feel I have made new friends.
Mrs G, client in Saffron Walden, Essex
The staff who look after me always take the time to listen and are always kind and patient with me. I feel safe and well looked after by Audley Homecare.
Mrs H, client in Newport, Essex
I have complete confidence in the care staff who look after me. They are well trained and extremely competent in everything they do.
Mr P, client in Debden, Essex
When we were let down by another care agency, Audley Homecare stepped in immediately. They provide a very reliable care service.
Mr K, client in Saffron Walden, Essex

Care Without Compromise – Our guiding principles

Live-in care carer

At Audley Homecare we recognise that every individual is different.

We take great care to get to know and understand each of our clients and familiarise ourselves with exactly how they like things to be done – and when! The service we deliver is always guided by the needs and wishes of the individuals who have entrusted their care to us.

We pride ourselves on our ability to work closely, not just with our clients but also with close members of their family.

In addition, our care management team has great experience of working in partnership with other healthcare professionals, such as GPs, District Nurse and Occupational Therapists. This ensures that our clients receive timely medical support, as well as care which is genuinely caring.

Above all, we take great care in selecting our live-in care staff.

Because we provide our own in-house training, we are able to put attitude before experience. Above all, we value the qualities of empathy, kindness and understanding. And we always consider the question of compatibility and strive to pick for each client a carer they will like and get on well with.

Live-in care offers a more inclusive service than visiting care AND at a lower cost than residential care.

tickLive-in care offers your loved one complete continuity of care provided by a highly trained, professional carer who are compassionate by nature.


tickLive-in care allows your loved one to continue to live completely independently within the comfort of their own home.


tickLive-in care is an excellent, cost effective alternative to residential care.