Who might benefit from live-in care?

Live-in care is for people who wish to continue living in their own home, but require full-time help to do so safely. Most people who choose live-in care tend to be elderly, although it can also work very successfully with younger adults.

The care provided may be temporary, for example, to allow a family carer to take a holiday, or to help someone get back on their feet again following a stay in hospital), or it may offer a long-term solution, for example, as an alternative to residential care.

Here are a just few examples of the circumstances which have led our clients to choose live-in care with Audley Homecare. Whilst every scenario is different, what unites people in choosing our live-in care service is an unshakeable determination to continue living in their own home, even though this means accepting the need for full-time help to do so safely.

Home-from-hospital care

With the NHS under increasing pressure to shorten hospital stays, particularly for older patients, the burden of responsibility for arranging suitable aftercare often falls on close family members. However, they may not always be aware what sort of care would be best for their loved one and what sort of adaptations their home might need to make it safe, if, for example, they have temporary mobility problems.

This is where Audley Homecare can help. Our Care Management Team has vast experience of working in partnership with other healthcare professionals, including Occupational Therapists and District Nurses, to ensure that safe and effective care is put in place when someone is discharged from hospital. We can provide a wide range of care, including medical support, such as PEG feeding and catheter-care. Providing the right care at the right time will ensure that your loved one is able to recover more quickly and may also reduce the likelihood of them having to go back into hospital in the future.

When daily visiting care is no longer enough

Many older people living on their own are able to cope perfectly well – often for months and even years – with the help of daily visiting care. However, there may come a time when the person’s care needs outgrow the ability of a visiting care service to cope. By this time the weekly cost will also have spiralled and so an alternative will need to be found. The obvious solution would be residential care, but many older people are extremely reluctant to consider moving to a care home and would much prefer to stay in their own home if at all possible. The good news is that, if they choose live-in care, they can stay in their own home.

In many cases, live-in care will cost significantly less than a visiting care service involving multiple daily visits, especially if the care extends to the night time. An added benefit of live-in care is the one-to-one companionship it brings. Instead of your loved having to adapt to a succession of different care staff visiting them on different days, a live-in carer will provide them with stability and continuity of care. Of all the care options available to the elderly, live-in offers a unique blend of companionship, house-keeping and personal care that no other option even comes close to matching.

Live-in care, often a better – and cheaper – option for couples than residential care

With many older couples the husband may act as carer for his wife, or the wife as carer for her husband. This will often work very successfully until such time as the person providing the care realises the task is becoming too much for them. At this point, one option would be for the person who requires the care to move to a care home, but many couples are reluctant to entertain this idea as they do not wish to be separated. Whilst they could move to a care home together, they may not feel ready to leave their home of many years. And then there is the cost to consider.

This is where live-in care can prove such a godsend. With their own dedicated live-in carer on hand to look after them both, husband and wife can relax and focus on enjoying their time together. As well as the pleasure and relief of being able to continue living in their own home, they will also be achieving a considerable saving compared to the cost of residential care for two.

Live-in care can reduce the risk of falls and other accidents

One of the biggest risks people face as they become older and frailer is the risk of falling. In the words of Age UK: “A fall can destroy confidence, increase isolation and reduce independence”

The risk of suffering a fall is often perceived to be a lot greater if an elderly person lives on their own. This can be a source of constant anxiety both for them and for their family.

This is yet another reason to consider live-in care. Having an experienced carer on hand both day and night can significantly reduce the risk of your loved one suffering a serious fall. Their carer can keep an eye on them as they go up and downstairs and help them get in and out of the bath or shower. If they also take care of the cooking, this will also remove the risk of your loved one suffering a nasty burn or starting a fire in the kitchen.

If residential care isn’t working out

Some older people agree to move into residential care simply because they are worried about becoming a burden to their family. However, they may struggle to adapt to life in a care home and soon come to regret their decision. Whilst they are sure they would feel happier back in their own home, they need reassurance that this is a still realistic option and that they will receive the right sort of care.

This is where Audley Homecare can help. We will support you every step of the way if you are determined to go back to living in your own home. A member of our management team will come to see you in the care home to get to know you and understand your needs and will also visit your home to work out the level of support you will need to meet your needs. If any adaptations are required to your home to make it easier and safer for you to return, we will help you arrange them.

For more information about the advantages of live-in care compared to residential care, click here.

You are unhappy with your current care provider

Not all live-in care providers are the same and not every care management team is prepared to go the extra mile to make sure their clients receive exactly the care they want. We receive lots of enquires from people who are looking to change care providers for one reason or another. We always listen very carefully to what these people tell us about the problems they have encountered with other care agencies, as this gives us greater understanding of what is important to them and how we can best meet their needs.

If you have doubts about any aspect of the care your loved one is receiving from your current care provider and you do not feel your concerns are being addressed, please do not hesitate to call us in confidence to discuss the situation.


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