Are your elderly parents struggling to cope on their own?

You may feel you are alone in trying to deal with this situation, but you are not, it is problem faced by families up and down the country on a daily basis. Although the details will be different in every case, there is always a common theme. Perhaps the example below will strike a chord with you?

Your parents may be getting on a bit but they remain fiercely independent. They are devoted to each other and have supported each other through thick and thin for the whole of their married life. Then one of them starts to slow down and finds they need help with everyday activities, such as getting dressed or taking their medication. Their partner is naturally happy to do step in and provide them with the care and support they need.

And then the unexpected happens

Then, all of a sudden, the unexpected happens and the parent doing the caring suffers a setback of their own, usually because the strain of providing round-the-clock care for their partner gradually has become too much for them and their own health takes a turn for the worse. The tipping point may be a bad fall, or they may go down with a debilitating illness, but in either case, the result is that they are admitted to hospital.

Difficult for their grown-up children

This can make life very difficult for their grown- up children, who now have to try and find the time to provide the care for whichever parent is left at home, as well fitting in regular trips to the hospital to visit their other parent. With their own families still requiring their time and attention and often a full-time job to hold down as well, they may soon find themselves under intolerable pressure, as they struggle to cope with these competing responsibilities.

The situation will then come to a head when the one parent is discharged from hospital and tries to re-adjust to life at home.  It may quickly become apparent that they now need help as well as their partner.

What can be done and what care is suitable

The first step would normally be to arrange some daily visiting care. A local visiting care service would normally be able to put in place up to four calls a day (morning, lunch, tea and bed) to provide whatever care was needed to help the couple maintain their dignity and independence. These care calls could include, for example, help with washing, dressing, medication and meal preparation and would also provide the couple with welcome daily companionship and moral support.

While daily visiting care may offer a short term solution, it may soon become apparent that having someone come in for just two or three hours a day is simply not enough. The couple really needs someone there all the time.

Care home the only option?

No! You can remain in your own, familiar home with live-in care. At Audley Homecare, it is possible for older couples to obtain full-time care in their own home. We can provide your elderly parents with a fully trained and vetted carer whom you can trust to look after them with kindness as well as skill.

Our live-in care service is designed to provide the elderly with whatever care and support they may need to continue living happily and safely in their own home. The care we provide is a blend, unique to every individual – personal care, companionship, cooking and house-keeping.

Here are just some of the advantages of choosing Audley Homecare to provide care at home for your elderly parents:

  • It will allow them to remain in their own home, which will come as a huge relief to them
  • They will continue to be able to enjoy each other’s company and support each other – just as they always have done
  • They will be able to maintain their own daily routine: get up and go to bed when it suits them, have meals cooked for them just the way they like them and watch whatever they want to watch on the tv
  • It will allow family and friends to visit them whenever they want and spend quality time with them, without having to worry about involving themselves in their daily care
  • The enhanced quality of life they will enjoy by staying together in their own home will make them far happier than any of other care alternatives available to them
  • Above all, it will avoid the tremendous disruption and upheaval – not to mention the heartache – associated with them having to sell their home and move into residential care, where they might not even be able to share the same accommodation
  • In addition, it is likely to cost far less than if they were to move into a care home together.


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